Detox Lymphatic Drainage (detoxification and purification treatment)

Detox lymph drainage is an effective combination of lymph drainage, myofascial techniques and connective tissue massage to purify and tighten the connective tissue.

Nowadays people are confronted more and more with environmental toxins. In addition to nutrition, in particular the consumption of alcohol, cigarette consumption and medication, a lack of exercise and stress also have a negative effect on physical well-being in the long term. Especially when exposed to high levels of these foreign substances and in case of other personal misconduct, the body's ability to clean itself is often no longer sufficient to ensure adequate detoxification by the body. All of this can lead to acidosis and tissue slagging. Typical consequences include listlessness, susceptibility to infection, headaches, tiredness, skin diseases, cellulite, etc.

Since metabolic waste and accumulated fluids are released into the blood through the circulation during treatment, the next few hours after treatment for a successful regeneration and revitalization of the organism it is are recommended to drink plenty of water or special herbal tea and to eat a balanced or conscious diet. 



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