As part of physiotherapy, we offer physiotherapy in the strict sense, manual therapy, TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, and physical therapy. For better treatment success, depending on your needs and the qualifications of our employees, we bring light yoga / Pilates exercises or back function training for your everyday life at home into the treatment in order to achieve and maintain the best possible result.

The application areas of physiotherapy are manifold. Disorders of the spine and joints, but also the post-treatment after orthopedic surgery (hip replacement (articular joint replacement), knee replacement (articular joint replacement), arthroscopy, etc.), the post-operative or conservative care after fractures, ligaments tears, tendon and muscle tears or chronic diseases play a big role.

Remedial Gymnastics
Remedial gymnasic physiotherapy as a part of physiotherapy is mainly used after sports injuries or surgical interventions and accompanied by individual active or passive exercises for mobilization, stabilization and strengthening. Depending on the symptoms, pain relief, blood circulation promotion, detonization / muscle relaxation or muscle strengthening are in the foreground. The therapist and the patient jointly determine the individual goals, if necessary in agreement or in compliance with the prescriptive guidelines of the prescribing medical practitioner.

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is used to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Special hand movements and mobilizations should alleviate pain and eliminate blockages or movement disorders. Manual therapy is mainly used in orthopedics. A basic idea is the holistic therapy approach, which takes into account the interplay between muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. It is also worked on the myofasicial system or on the fascia, which is a formative element of osteopathy (see also Osteopathy).

CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction)
CMD stands for functional, mental and biochemical dysregulations of the muscle or joint functions of the jaw. Symptoms may include dizziness, tinnitus, ear noises, headaches, migraines, shoulder-neck tension, back pain and more. Stress often plays a major role, which coincides with frequent crunching or squeezing of the jaw. As part of the therapy, good communication and collaboration between the prescribing physicians, usually dentists (splint therapy), and the therapist is especially important to get the best results. Especially in children, a craniomanibular dysfunction may impair the ability to think and concentrate. In children, due to the partially not yet solidified bony structures, the chances of success of an optimal result are very high. Osteopathic treatments can support and positively influence the therapy and have a very positive effect on the outcome of therapy.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Manual lymphatic drainage is used to facilitate lymphatic drainage and to remove the fluid that has accumulated between the cells and the metabolic waste. Lymph congestion or edema is removed by manual lymph drainage. These problems often occur after surgery or when there is a problem with the lymphatic drainage. Manual lymph drainage is also often used after cosmetic or cosmetic surgery to improve drainage and regenerate the tissue, but also for scar healing and other healing, as well as for targeted purification or detoxification (see also Detox Lymphatic Drainage).

Massage Therapy
The increased blood circulation during the massage therapy stimulates the detoxification of the body, activates healing processes, releases endorphins and reduces stress hormones. The massage therapy has a good supportive effect on acute and chronic complaints.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy includes, but is not limited to, electrotherapy, ultrasound, cold therapy, natural peat packs and warm packs. Physical therapies are extremely useful supports and supplements to the physiotherapy or the physiotherapeutic treatment.

Sport Physiotherapy
We support you with any sport injury or to improve your personal fitnes level. Functional coordination training and muscle strengthening are provided on the basis of latest standards.












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