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Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in Munich

At K3HEALTH we offer a wide range of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Alternative Practitioner Services. Our services include in particular physiotherapy, osteopathy, acute pain treatment, CMD treatment, manual therapy, physiotherapy and manual lymphatic drainage.

In addition to the usual services in the field of physiotherapy and osteopathy, we also specialize in the Treatment of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) / Jaw Joint Therapy and work together with dental and orthodontic practices.

In our osteopathic treatments, we also have a focus on the Treatment of Pregnant Women and Mothers before and after Birth.

Furthermore, Pain Patients are particularly important to us. We try to respond to the special, urgent needs of pain patients and to offer acute pain patients an appointment within 24 hours, if possible on the same day.

Fascia Therapy, which is mainly based on the idea of ​​osteopathy and is also used successfully in physiotherapy to release unphysiological tension in the fascial tissue, is also very important to us. The whole thing is optimized by learning a myofascial self-treatment.

Based on our experience, we are trying to expand our range of services in a targeted manner. For example, we have been offering Detox Lymphatic Drainage for some time. As part of the detox lymphatic drainage, we try to use our osteopathic knowledge and experience to improve the results of "normal" manual lymphatic drainage.

Information on the services offered can be found under Services.

Our very well-trained team regularly attends further training courses in our entire range of services in order to expand and improve them.

We look forward to your visit and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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