Emergency pain patients: We treat patients with acute pain, at short notice. Patients with acute pain will be provided, within 24 hours, an appointment, if possible on the same day.

Alternative Practitioner Services

In the context of physiotherapy and osteopathy services we offer complementary alternative practitioner services, e.g. neural therapy, cupping and treatment of scars.

Cupping Therapy (dry)
Cupping is a traditional, draining procedure and one of the oldest therapies in medicine. With cupping, certain areas of the skin (mostly on the back) are sucked in by negative pressure. There is increased blood flow to the tissue with a local inflammatory reaction (reddening, swelling and overheating). A hematoma (bruise) occurs at the cupping site. Metabolic processes are activated that fight the inflammatory reaction and thereby trigger positive reactions in the body. The cupping treatment can bring relief and improvement to the patient's condition in short time. It also shows the therapist immediately whether his diagnosis was correct, as the success of the therapy with cupping can be recognized within a very short time. Within dry cupping, a distinction is made between stationary dry cupping and dry cupping massage. With stationary dry cupping, the evacuated cupping head is put on and remains in place until some liquid (lymph) emerges or the skin turns bluish. During the dry cupping massage, the skin is rubbed with a good oil beforehand and then pulled over the skin with the cupping glasses attached.

Neural Therapy
In neural therapy, the therapist tries to positively influence the autonomic nervous system by injecting local anesthetics (procaine). The tissue forms a wheal after injection. It is believed that localized irritation, so-called interference fields, can irritate neural pathways so that they can lead to problems and chronic complaints even in distant parts of the body. Common fields of interference are in the periphery of scars and in the jaw area. Neural therapy is also often used to relieve pain in muscle tension. In this context it is helpful to prepare the area for neural therapy by cupping, trigger point treatment or heat. The advantage of the preparation is that through the increased blood flow, the tissue remains longer permeable to the drug.

Treatment of scars
Scars may be responsible for severe adverse events. The result is an interference field in the body, which can hinder complex regulation mechanisms and muscle functions. E.g. bonds between different tissue layers of the skin, inhibit a muscle in its normal function. Overloading is the result, even at far away areas. The inelastic scar tissue hinders energy flows. We treat scars with osteopathic techniques and by injection (procaine).